Lawn Maintenance

Spring Clean-up (May)

Dethatching- loosens dead grass and leaves. Helps the grass recover from the long winter.
Debris is blown or raked into piles, bagged, and placed at the end of your driveway. ***They can be removed for an addition fee.***
Mow- We mow the lawn for the first time to remove any missed debris and also kick start the growing process.
Lime-***if needed** **Extra Fee**
Fertilize- we use Arctic grow pellet fertilizer to improve the overall health of your lawn and give it the boost it needs after the long winter. **Extra Fee**
BASE PRICE $ 165 for normal sized yards

Regular Maintenance (End of May through September)

Weekly/Bi weekly Maintenance-
Mowing, trimming, lawn-edging, and blowing off all walkways and driveways.
Each service includes lawn edging most companies charge a minimum of $50 just to edge
BASE PRICE $40 for normal sized yard

Fall Clean-up (October)

Debris is blown or raked into piles, bagged, and palced at the end of your driveway or place of choice. This service is necessary in order to prevent the grass from matting and dying over the winter. (The bags can be hauled away for an additional fee)

Mowing- We mow the yard shorter than normal to prevent the grass from matting and having frost kill over the long winter.

Fertilization- After mowing we apply a winter fertilizer in order to prepare your lawn for the long winter and help growth moving into next spring.

BASE PRICE: $145 for a normal sized yard with an average amount of leaves.